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Keeping Your Car Maintained

4 Parts Every Diesel Pickup Truck Owner Must Have For Off-Road Fun

by Renee Miles

Do you prefer the thrill of a good off-road experience? Do you love the sound of your diesel pickup truck as it roars its way across untamed land, mud and sand? If so, you need to make sure your truck is equipped with all of the necessities to make your off-road experience an excursion to remember.

Take it to New Heights

A lift kit plays an essential role when it comes to off-road adventures. You can purchase a lift kit between 2-10 inches, which provides your truck with plenty of underbody clearance for even the roughest terrain. Keep in mind that a lift kit will decrease the stability of your truck. If you plan on outfitting your truck with a lift kit, you may want to have a backup vehicle for everyday driving.

Lifting your truck allows you to roll right through rocky terrains. Since the underbody of your truck is higher off the ground, you do not have to worry about damaging underbody components such as the fuel line or oil pan. Thanks to the addition of a lift kit, you can be the next king of the mountain as you traverse through untamed lands and make your way up rocky slopes to claim your territory.

Protect it at All Costs

Even with a lift kit, you still may run the risk of damage to the underside of your truck. Jagged rocks can do a number on the underbody of your truck. Unfortunately, certain damages could hinder the operability of your truck. For example, a damaged oil pan could leave you with a blown engine. Your truck needs oil to run, meaning a damaged oil pan may leave you stuck in the mud, literally.

Protect your diesel pickup truck so you can continue enjoying the freedom and fun of off-road adventures. An oil pan protector is your best choice, particularly if you plan on navigating rough and rocky terrain. The oil pan protector will prevent rocks from gouging a hole in your oil pan so you can continue on with a hassle-free, worry-free off-road excursion.

Get Rid of Tired Tires

It is time to remove those old, worn out tires from your truck. Break out your 4-way and your jack, remove the nuts and bolts from the wheels, take the old tires off, and replace them with brand new tires. As an avid off-roader, you are going to need something more rugged than your average street tires.

When it comes to outfitting your truck with the right parts, you are going to want off-road tires. Off-road tires are usually much larger than street tires. The tread is thicker so the tires will not pop as you make your way across jagged terrain. Large, meaty tires are able to grab traction, meaning you can plow right through the nastiest of mud runs and impress your friends.

Note: Keep in mind that larger tires require plenty of clearance. Fortunately, if you opted to get a lift kit for your truck, you will have enough room for some mean looking off-road tires.

Lock Down Those Hubs

Many 4-wheel drive trucks are equipped with locking hubcaps. Unfortunately, some trucks may not have locking hubs on the front axles. Locking hubs are essential for off-roading. Locking hubs provide your truck with stable wheel bearings, which makes it easier for you to handle your truck as you move through rough terrain.

Fortunately, just because your truck does not have locking hubs on the front, you can easily fix the problem. Locking hub and conversion kits allow you to manually lock and secure your front axles for sturdier wheel bearings. Once you add the locking hubs to your diesel truck, you will notice an improvement in the way your truck handles the next time you head out for an off-road adventure.

If you are interested in outfitting your truck with any other diesel truck parts and products, contact a dealer near you. A specialist can help you find the right parts and accessories you need to turn your off-road adventure into something unforgettable. Read more to get started.