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Recently, my spouse got into his car to go to work. Before he even made it down our long driveway, his car began making frightening sounds. Afraid to continue driving the vehicle to work, my husband decided to stay home for the day. After investigating the car, he traveled to an auto parts store in my vehicle. He purchased transmission fluid to put in his problematic automobile. Thankfully, the transmission fluid helped the car’s performance. Besides transmission fluid, you can find many other types of items to help you maintain your vehicle at an auto parts store. On this blog, I hope you will discover some of the most sought after items available at auto parts stores today. Enjoy!

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Keeping Your Car Maintained

Equip A Vintage Vehicle With An Air Conditioning System

by Renee Miles

Many classic cars did not originally contain air conditioning components. Some models may have had an AC unit in them, but drivers could have decided to remove the units because of the amount of power they drew from the motor. Today, there are streamlined air conditioning units that are small and efficient.

A Better Driving Or Riding Experience

The main reason that a car owner may decide to invest in an air conditioning unit is due to the increased comfort level that they will experience. Driving a vehicle that lacks air conditioning could make it unbearable to drive long distances on hot days. A streamlined A/C unit is often marketed as a universal product. This type of unit contains a faceplate that is designed to be installed under a dash.

The electrical components that comprise a unit will be designed to be installed behind a dash. An automotive AC kit will include a condenser. This is the largest part of a system. The condenser will need to be installed under the hood. Spacers that are included in an AC kit will allow a vintage car owner to acquire a perfect fit for the new equipment that is contained within a universal air conditioning kit.

The Installation

If you own a vintage car and consider yourself a hobby mechanic, you may want to tackle the installation of an air conditioning unit. Although a universal kit is designed to be hooked up inside of any type of vehicle, it is best to furnish the make and model of your vintage vehicle when you order a kit from an auto parts retailer. Providing this information will ensure that you receive all of the parts needed to seamlessly install an AC unit. An auto parts technician may provide you with installation pointers.

You also have the option of purchasing an air conditioning kit and allowing an automotive technician to install the equipment for you. During the installation process, a technician will match up all the parts that need to be installed under and behind the dash and under the hood.

Hoses and fittings will be included in an air conditioning kit. A kit will supply enough spacers for the air conditioning components to be installed securely within your vehicle. Many modern air conditioning kits contain materials that are constructed of aluminum. The heat exchanger that is contained within a modern kit is designed to be energy-efficient.

For more information about vintage car AC installation, contact a local mechanic.