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Keeping Your Car Maintained

3 Signs Your Electric Snow Plow Motor Should Be Replaced

by Renee Miles

Snow plows with electric motors are the preference for most homeowners because these units can still function even when you cannot get out of your driveway to get fuel for your plow. Plus, electric motors tend to have a longer lifespan than traditional gas motors. Nevertheless, these motors can and do fail, and sometimes it will seem as if failure comes on suddenly without a whole lot of warning to let you know. If you have an electric snow plow that has issues, it may mean the motor is due for replacement. 

The motor drops in power shortly after you start it up. 

The motor seems to start up just fine, but not long into plowing the snow, the motor starts quickly declining in power and eventually dies like it is not charged at all. If your electric motor is connected to an outlet, it means it is not getting enough current to keep it running. If you are using a cordless model and have had it fully charged before getting started, this tends to be a sign of a bad motor. 

The motor will turn but will not run. 

You turn on the switch after a full electrical charge, and you hear the usual whirr of the motor like it is going to start. After a few more tries, you see the motor is not going to fire up as it usually does. In a lot of cases, this is a sign that the electric motor inside of the unit is not firing as it should even though it is turning. There are a few other issues that can cause this problem, such as a blocked outlet valve or a tripped switch, but it is also a sign that the motor has reached the end of its life span. 

The motor is overheating on a regular basis. 

If your snow plow motor is overheating, it is a surefire sign that replacement is imminent. An overheating electrical motor is a sign that electricity is not properly being conducted and controlled inside the motor, which leads to the break down of the components. If you feel the motor running hot every time you turn your snow plow on to get rid of some snow, it is a good sign that you are going to have to get a replacement motor from a supplier rather soon. Eventually, the motor will stop working altogether. 

For more information, reach out to a snow plow electric motors supplier near you.